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Why is your submersible sewage pump easily damaged?

Can submersible sewage pump also get sick?
The answer to this question is yes! Submersible sewage pump
Submersible sewage pump has been paid more and more attention because of its wide use and strong sewage discharge capacity. However, improper use or maintenance will lead to some failures of submersible sewage pump.
Six major causes of submersible pump "disease":
01. The motor rotates in the wrong direction
Before using submersible sewage pump, confirm whether the motor rotation direction is correct. Although the reverse rotation can produce water, the water yield is small and the current is large. Long term reverse rotation will cause irreversible damage to the motor winding.
02. Leakage protector is not installed
Leakage protector is also called life protector. When the leakage value of the submersible sewage pump is greater than the action current value of the leakage protector, the leakage protector will cut off the power supply of the submersible pump to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel and avoid unnecessary power waste.
03. Start when the power supply is abnormal
The difference between the supply voltage and the rated voltage shall not exceed 10%. If the voltage is too high or too low, the temperature of the submersible sewage pump will rise. If the power supply is abnormal, the service life of the submersible sewage pump will be shortened, or even the submersible sewage pump will be burnt.
04. Long time dehydration of submersible sewage pump
The submersible sewage pump uses water as the cooling source. Prolonged dehydration may cause the motor to overheat and burn.
05. Frequent power on/off
Frequent startup of submersible sewage pump will affect its service life. Backflow occurs when the pump is stopped. If the pump is started immediately, the motor will start with load, resulting in excessive starting current and burnt windings.
06. Not maintained at ordinary times
If the submersible pump is not used continuously after being launched, it will rust and cause failure to start. If it is not used for a long time, Z should not be immersed in water for a long time. Instead, put it in clean water and run it for several minutes with power on. Clean the mud inside and outside the pump, and then lift the water surface to dry it for major inspection.
How to prolong the service life of submersible pump
01. After the seal ring is replaced for a long time in the sewage medium, the gap between the impeller and the seal ring may increase, which needs to be replaced in time.
02. When it is stored in a ventilated and dry place during the non use period, the water pump shall be lifted away from the water source in time and the accumulated water in the pump shall be drained, especially in cold winter.
03. The accessories shall be inspected regularly and the cables, motor insulation and screws shall be replaced at least once a year. If they are damaged, they shall be replaced in time.
04. Replace the engine oil. If water is found in the engine oil, drain it and replace the engine oil, gasket and plug.
05. When the submersible sewage pump fails during operation, the designated maintenance personnel shall not dismantle or repair it without authorization, and shall immediately find a professional for maintenance.
As the submersible sewage pump works underwater, compared with other motors, the working environment is poor. In order to ensure the "health and longevity" of submersible sewage pump, regular inspection and maintenance are essential!